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Who Should Be Included in Pakistan’s Squad For 2022 T20 World Cup?

Image Courtesy: PCB.

Pakistan’s Squad For 2022 T20 World Cup

Since those announcements though, there has been some level-headed speculation about what kind of team we can expect to see when the Twenty20 World Championship comes around this year. With that in mind, here is our look at who should be in Pakistan’s side for 2022 Cricket World Cup.

Below is the list of some Pakistan Cricket Team Players who we think must be considered for upcoming T20 Cricket World Cup 2022 in Australia.

Hasan Ali

Image Courtesy: PCB.

With his latest feat, it is hard to argue that Hasan has not done enough as an international player. He was part of the squad that won the ICC Champions Trophy and he did not stop there. Since then, he has been consistently performing at the top level both as a batsman and a bowler.

Azhar Ali

Image Courtesy: PCB.

Having won back-to-back trophies in both 50-over formats of cricket, his leadership qualities have never been questioned. He has always set an example for others to follow and is one of the most respected cricketers in the game.

He knows how to win and he will not hesitate to take responsibility when needed. As we all know, he loves to keep things simple so it can be said that he does not overcomplicate matters too much.

Sarfaraz Ahmed

Image Courtesy: PCB.

As national team captain, he has led his side to two consecutive ICC tournaments and made the semi-finals in both of them. He is also one of the most well-known faces in cricket with over 1 million followers on Instagram alone.

As a result of his achievements, Sarfraz has consistently found himself in contention for international honours throughout his career. However, he does lack consistency when it comes to form which could be his downfall if selected for the next level event.

Mohammad Rizwan

Image Courtesy: ESPNCricInfo.

He may not have played every match for his country but he was always there when they needed him most. He is one of those players that are known for performing under pressure and at big events. This player also brings an element of experience to the side as well, working with different leaders and coaches during his career.

His leadership qualities come through even more now as he moves into senior positions within the sport. If he doesn’t do well as captain then he could become the coach for the Pakistani cricket team!

Mohammad Amir

Image Courtesy: ESPNCricInfo.

The number one ranked Test bowler in the world is arguably the best finisher of the game. He has an incredible knack for death dives, which he uses to his advantage by striking at the feet or lower body as batsmen try to play forward.

He also possesses excellent control with the ball that allows him to attack bowling lines and lengths without much worry. His ability to consistently bowl tight balls makes it hard for batsmen to pick up loose runs.

His accuracy isn’t always perfect but when it is, it can be devastatingly effective. When he’s got it going, there are very few who can stop him.

He may not be the fastest bowler in the world, but what he does have is enough variety to make up for it. He will often mix his pace, flight, and style within a single over to confuse the batsman.

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