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Lamborghini Beats All Time Delivery Records in 2021


Image by: networkerz on Pixabay.

Lamborghini has been steadily making headlines in the automotive industry for its world-class technology and performance. With a lineup of sports cars that span from entry-level V10 and V12 to supercars with two engines, Lamborghini is known for having the most expensive vehicles in the market.

When it comes to the hottest supercars, Lamborghini is the undisputed champion. In 2021, the company will deliver all its vehicles in just five days and beat all the record delivery times set by other car companies. Here’s why.

The market for Lamborghinis was bigger than ever before in 2021, it delivered 8,405 vehicles in 2021. That’s a lot of cars. Mainland China and Hong Kong are in second place, and their sales grew by 55% to 935. Germany is third with a growth of 14%. As surprising as it may sound the UK is in fourth with an increase of only 12%.

It’s a no surprise to learn that the Urus was the best-selling Lamborghini in 2021. They sold 5,021 examples of it and that made up half of all Lamborghinis sold by then. Second place was captured by the Huracán with 2,586 deliveries, followed in order by the Aventador with 798. Low numbers can be ignored, but they have a big impact. They affect how things turn out in the end and make a difference in different ways for every project team that uses them to work with other people or manage their budgets. It built exactly 1,999 examples of the Countach during a production run that lasted 17 years.

Yet another interesting point is that the numbers included in Lamborghini’s forecast seem very small for 2021 compared to previous years, but they also seem strangely high at first glance when you compare them with last year or even 3 years ago!

Lamborghini delivered the most number of cars ever in one year. The company is on its way to setting new records, and it is going to keep delivering more and more amazing cars. Which record will be broken next?

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