Apple is the most valuable company in the world and has enjoyed high sales due to the success of the iPhone and its each new iteration every year. Apple was started in garage back in 1976. Their success is phenomenal. Over the years Apple has built a strong reputation and loyal following for much of its products. To this day Apple’s most popular product is the iPhone and this is how it revolutionised the smartphone industry.

Before the iPhone smartphones had very limited use and it could only multi task with a few applications. There were a few devices that used touch screens but they were all resistive touch screens which are not as sensitive or smooth as a capacitive touch screen. With the release of the iPhone people flocked to purchase this new device they never thought was possible. The first iPhone offered a capacitive touch screen and easy to use UI that was very attractive to consumers.

With the release of the iPhone 3G Apple introduced 3G network support. This made the internet faster for the phone. The release of the iPhone 3GS Apple bought hardware changes giving the phone a more powerful processor and graphic card that made the phone faster and more suitable for gaming.

Then was the release of the iPhone 4. The iPhone 4 broke many sales records and was the best-selling phone for that year. The iPhone 4 came with a new look, metal chassis, retina display and front facing camera. The critics lauded the award winning look and the never before seen retina display. The retina display made the display very sharp and ushered in competition on the display front, which continues to this day. Many competitors started releasing high resolution display thereafter.

The release of the iPhone 4S continued the same design but was given a more powerful processor and the virtual assistant Siri. Siri became an instant hit and became an integral part of iPhones thereafter. The release of Siri forced the competition to come up with Google voice and Cortana. It also debuted with iCloud, one of the popular managed services provide a holistic view of your business environment.

The iPhone 5 introduced Apple’s first 4 inch iPhone and made the lightning connector popular. The lightning connector is Apple’s compact mobile device connector. The iPhone 5S bought improved security via the fingerprint reader which many competitors products copied afterwards. Apple had high end security incident and event management software and iPhones were not hackable once they were locked and encrypted.

The iPhone 6 as two versions, one being 4.7 inch and the other 5.5 inch. This device offered faster processor, graphic card, improved LTE and Apple pay. The iPhone 6S was release similar to the iPhone 6 with two models and introduced 3D touch which allows the phone to detect different pressure levels of touch input.

The most recent iPhone is the iPhone 7 duo that was released with improved processor and removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack replaced with wireless ear buds. This was also the first iPhone to be water proofed.

In recent years Apple has been criticised for little to no innovations. The market has become high competitive with many devices being released by many manufacturers. Even with all the competition Apple is one of top manufacturers. The future holds what Apple may bring to the smartphone industry.