Falsafay was founded by CEO of Combinez. Falsafay specializes in writing knowledgeable articles related to World, Technology, Health/Fitness & DIY Learning. Come & Learn with us. Explore wide range of articles throughout our website.

Our Story

Falsafay (previously WikiUpdates) was founded in 2014 when there were very few blogs that used to spread knowledge specially in DIY when the I.T field was tremendously growing. We created Falsafay then to post articles to increase knowledge of people in this Digital Era on fingertips.


To be the best DIY blog & spread knowledge for people of all ages, specially the youngsters. If reading and increasing of knowledge is your passion, this blog is for you.


To be the top knowledgebase blog in digital industry. Falsafay aims to spread knowledge, doesn’t matter which category it is.


Our mission is to spread knowledge. Train new youngsters & entrepreneurs by spreading content exclusively for you to DO IT YOURSELF.